English summary - Satamasaari in a nutshell

Satamasaari ("Harbour Island") is a summer hut community in the outskirts of Helsinki. It consists of 109 small huts built next to one another. Satamasaari is very similar to the Kivinokka or Lammassaari communities, but it is located on an island in the eastern part of Helsinki.

The Helsinki summer huts are very minimalistic but idyllic. Instead of urban comfort, the residents enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and surrounding nature. In Satamasaari there is no running water and solar panels are the only source for electricity. The huts must also meet strict building regulation regarding for instance the size (max 16 + 2 m2).

Satamasaari is cute and small – one walks around it in 10 minutes. Unfortunately, there are no services or other facilities for visitors.  

The City of Helsinki requires that hut owners must be permanent residents in Helsinki.